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Can children have Microsuction?

Yes, there is no lower age limit for Microsuction treatment. However, the procedure will not be performed if your child is unable to keep their head still or is fearful of the procedure.

Ear blockages in children

Children are typically more prone to middle ear infections because of the structure of their Eustachian tubes. The Eustachian tubes drain fluid from the ears, and when they are blocked, this can result in a build-up of fluid that causes an ear infection. The sensation of pressure when you have an ear infection is due to the fluid pressing on the eardrum, which can cause it to rupture or 'burst'. Children have Eustachian tubes that are shorter, softer, and more horizontally orientated than adults', which can mean that they are more at risk of fluid build-up.

If you are concerned that your child may have an ear infection, check their symptoms on the NHS website before considering Microsuction.

Microsuction ear wax removal can be a solution for children with blocked ears. The discomfort of having blocked ears can be particularly acute for children, so Microsuction offers a quick, painless treatment by one of our Audiologists who will put your child at ease as much as possible. Ear Microsuction for children can depend on the age of the child and their level of comfort being able to lie still while the Microsuction tool is used to gently remove the ear wax buildup.

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