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No-scalpel vasectomy in Essex

Wellbeing has recently acquired Tollgate clinic based in Stanway, Colchester, where we will now be carrying out this procedure.

Our highly skilled doctors use the no-scalpel method of vasectomy which offers a quick, reliable and easy method of permanent contraception. The no-scalpel method involves less discomfort, no stitches and faster recovery than the traditional method. The procedure itself takes 10-20 minutes and you will typically only be at the clinic for about an hour.  

The price for our No-Scalpel Vasectomy is £345 which includes the pre -consultation, semen testing and aftercare.  

For more information or to book an appointment please visit the Tollgate website

Alternativey to book an appointment call 01206 987 525

To book an appointment – Please call us on 0300 303 9966

About Vasectomy

A Vasectomy is an effective means of permanent contraception and works by stopping sperm from getting into a man’s semen. This means that when a man ejaculates, the semen has no sperm and a woman’s egg cannot be fertilised.

Male sterilisation is considered permanent – once it's done, you don't have to think about contraception again. Up to two semen tests are done after the operation, to ensure that all the sperm have gone. You can have a vasectomy at any age, however reversing the operation isn't easy, so it is important that you have thought carefully about undertaking the procedure.

A vasectomy has no effect on sex drive or ability to enjoy sex. You will still have erections and ejaculate normally. The only difference is that your semen will not contain sperm.

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